Company Instrution

Guanin focus on providing world-leading communication & navigation technology and solution to guarantee vessels safety.

The development of the marine electronic equipment in recent decades is highly spurred by the innovation in software engineering, electronic technologies and communication industry.


Kernel of Raycore navigation radar

After years’ research and development, Guanin released the Raycore series radar kernel to the market, offering radar manufacturers reliable solution with good flexibility and economy factor.

One board tech

The kernel of the Raycore system is based on the innovative design of integrating modulator, intermediate frequency amplifier, signal processor in the same PCB, radar implementation is realized in one board.

VTS based on long-range radar station

Acting as active target-detection and tracking equipment, radar systems play a crucial role in harbor transportation management, bridge monitor system and coastal defense system. Guanin, together with Marine Navigation National Research Center, are now providing VTS system based on long-range radar station.

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